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The ad blockers of web pages have become very fashionable, which allow the user to navigate through any web page without seeing any type of advertisement, something logical on the part of the user, since there are webs that have been dedicated to Abusing advertising, making it sometimes impossible to read a simple article.

This is due to the huge amount of ads it contains, not always ads like Google adsense, but also Pop-Up and other types of ads that sometimes even infect you with malware, causing users to block All publicity, causing us to pay just for sinners.

And why do I say that we pay just for sinners ?: Because those publishers who make an acceptable use of advertising, as a means to earn a living, or simply to defray the costs of hosting and provide quality information and free to the user, We are also affected by the use of these applications by the common user.

Putting in danger the existence of internet as we know it, because if the use of these applications extends to the majority of users, we will only have 2 options or we close the webs and blog for not being able to pay the expenses, or we charge directly To access the blog or web, something that I think it is essential that people understand if they want to continue to consume free information on the internet.

Thank goodness, Adblock Plus, the most widespread application for blocking advertising, seems to have understood this, and that is why it has activated by default an option, which allows non-invasive ads and websites included in its whitelist for not abusing Advertising, or interfere with the user experience, are displayed even if you have installed this application.

That is why it is vitally important that those who have a website and believe that your advertising is not invasive, nor interfere with the user experience, you can ask to be included in your white list, so they do not block your ads and so you can follow Earning money from your work.

How do I sign up for the Adblock Plus white list?

Well it’s very easy, although it was very difficult for me to find, you just have to enter the link that I leave at the end of the article, and fill in your data, after which you only have to send the form and wait for them to accept , Although I must warn you that they are very demanding.

Anyway, I hope you liked and helped this article, I would appreciate if you would tell me your opinion and your experience, if you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask, I will answer as soon as you read, if possible as a favor I would ask that you share a link of this article by social networks or where you see fit, then I leave the promised link to register on the white list, thank you for your visit, and I hope you come back soon.

Sign up for the Adblock Plus white list

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