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If you have been reading a bit about Google’s web positioning, you will probably have heard of how difficult it is to position a web page in its first months of life, and this is due to the well-known Google Sandbox, which is responsible for Prevent new web pages from ranking better than old web sites, this algorithm went live in 2004, probably as part of an attempt by Google to prevent undue positioning techniques, since it is strange that a newly made website position so fast .

In addition, during the time that Google keeps you in the Sandbox, you can go collecting data on the behavior of the web, to see if that web is reliable, and so position it in one way or another once it decides to get us out of the Sandbox, which I’ll ask you the next question. How long is a web in the Google Sandbox?

Well, I’m sorry to say that there is not an exact time in which Google decides to get you out of your Sandbox, but every web is a specific time, that only Google decides, what if I can tell you, is that time is usually between 4 And 9 months, in my case, I’ve been in the Sandbox for about 5 months on my 2 web pages. What I can tell you, is some tips that are thought to help out before the Sandbox, although in the end everything is waiting.

Tips for quitting before the Google Sandbox:

Do not get many backlinks in a short time, it is not natural for a new web to have many backlinks and this may make Google decide to have more time in the Sandbox to keep an eye on you.

The few links you get, make sure they are from a quality site like YouTube home or Google +.

Generate articles of very good quality, and that at least have 300 words, thus you will be attractive to Google, if you see that your web is reliable and has quality articles will start to position you properly.

If you link to other websites, make sure that these are from the same theme and that they are quality websites.

Do SEO, but recommended by Google, in the following link you will find an article that will guide you in that process: How to do SEO in Google.

So far, the few tips I can give you, I hope you are helpful, after all is Google that forces all domains to go through this process, the only way to skip it 100% is to use a domain That has already been used, if you know other alternatives do not hesitate to share it with a comment, thanks for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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