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If you are looking for how to do SEO, or put another way to better position your website in search engines, you have probably found the term Domain Authority (DA), a term that anyone who does SEO needs to know , Since it is one of the metrics that best help us to position and therefore to get visitors.

The domain authority or Domain Authority that is often abbreviated as DA, is a metric or indicator created by the SEO giant, known as SEOmoz, to more accurately evaluate the authority or quality of a website, instead of using A metric as inaccurate as PageRank.

The authority of a domain is measured with a score of 0 to 100, with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest. As I said before, the domain authority was not created by Google, but by SEOmoz, so this creates the question of whether, like PageRank, this metric affects the positioning, well the answer is yes, since This metric is based on parameters very similar to those of Google to decide your authority, so indirectly, to higher domain authority, it means better PageRank, and therefore better position.

The fact that it is a more accurate tool allows us to do a shorter term SEO strategy, since we can see if the changes we make are emerging a positive effect, without the need, to wait for a PageRank update that usually takes Months, since the domain authority, is updated even on the same day.

How to calculate domain authority:

To calculate the domain authority we have several options, from installing the SEOmoz bar in the browser, which I do not recommend as it delays the webs much load, until the query directly in certain webs when we need to know our domain authority, Which we can do through the web Open Site Explorer (belongs to SEOmoz), or for example the website ahrefs, only that the latter will not find the metric under the nomenclature DA, but will be called ahrefs domain ranks.

How to increase our domain authority:

Well the same way you have to do to upload the PageRank, that is, getting quality links, creating quality content, moving the web by social networks (especially Google plus).

So far, what I can tell you about the domain authority, I hope it has helped you, thank you for sharing a link to articles on social networks or your website, thank you very much for your visit and I hope that you return soon.

One of the most important things to upload your domain authority is to get more links or backlinks, especially if they are from other similar websites, and also have a good domain authority.

You must share and move your content through social networks, especially Google plus, so install a few social buttons so that your users can share what they like your website, this in turn will bring many new visits.

Create and publish quality content consistently.

One of the factors that counts the most, but unfortunately we can not control, is the seniority of the domain, the older the more authority generally.

Watch the load times of your website, this should load as fast as possible.

In the full expansion of mobile searches, you may well realize that your website is responsive design, since most of the searches are done through mobile devices, but even if it does not count towards the authority of the domain, it is Very important that you adapt it for the other reason described.

Well, so far the advice I can give you, I know there are not many, but if effective, and it will take time to apply, so if you know more ways to increase the authority of dominion do not hesitate to share it with all of us through a Comment, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

Tools to measure our dominion authority or DA:

Ahrefs.com: For me the best tool, updates very fast in number of links and domain authority, although here the domain authority appears under the name ahref domain Rank, that yes, will only allow you to do between 5 and 10 checks per day Free.

Open Site Explorer: This is the tool of the creator of domain authority, ie SEOmoz, obviously one of the best, but much slower in recognizing links than ahrefs.com, so you have an idea, while ahrefs.com It tells me that I have 107 links, a figure very close to the current one, Open Site Explorer tells me only 46, although over time I imagine that I finished recognizing all the links.

So far, the tools that I can recommend you to measure your domain authority, I hope you have helped, if you know more free tools, or would like to contribute more information, you can do it through a comment, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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