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In recent times, we have gone from having independent blog or web pages, to gradually changing, to moving to the new and famous social networks, some use them as complete to advertise their web and blog and others just use Facebook, and That this has in addition to the personal profile, the option to create your own Facebook page with semi-personalized URL.

One thing is clear, and it is that you are either of those who use it as a complement or as the only means of communication, both seek mainly the same purpose, and it is none other than to get the highest number of visits, for what there is undoubtedly That work a little, since the visits do not fall from the sky, especially considering the great competition that exists at the moment.

That is why I have decided to write this article, to give you some tips that will help you to better position your Facebook page, and thereby substantially improve the number of visits you receive, tips, which you will find below.

How to do SEO on Facebook to improve your positioning:

The title of your Facebook page should be as descriptive as possible, if possible the same as your website, and I do not advise you to pass the 65 characters including spaces, or write less than 3 words.

Whatever allows you to customize your URL, which will allow you when you have 25 followers, try to have that URL contains the keywords of your web, for example if it is a kitchen recipes, try to have the words recipes and cooking.

Never change the title or URL of the web, since this penalizes your positioning to a great extent, do it only if it is completely necessary.

It is very important that you fill in all the information on the Facebook page, such as the description.

You must share quality content, and if possible always with a photo, as it is more visible and people will draw your attention.

Link your Facebook page, in all those websites you can, such as forums, Twitter or other applications.

It gets people like “I like”, asking for example in each publication, especially at peak times.

Comment on other pages, if possible from the same theme as yours, using your Facebook page, as this can be used as if it were an independent user, this means that every time you comment on another page, it is believed A link from that page to yours, which improves your positioning, helps you to get more users and surely you will get several “like” and therefore more visits.

Always make sure, that you write without misspellings, this is obvious but it should be remembered.

In short, so far all the advice that I can give you, I hope you are of help and that you start receiving many visits, if you have something to contribute, any opinion is welcome, so do not hesitate to write a comment, thanks for your Visit and I hope you come back soon.

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