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Much has already been talked about on the internet, how to better position the blogs and webs that we have each, in order to get a greater number of visits, however, these rules are not entirely applicable to a blog platform widely used In the world, but instead of offering written articles distributes their material in the form of videos, naturally I speak of the famous YouTube.

This platform that currently belongs to Google, is one of the websites that have the most traffic and user in the world, and in which almost everyone has had or has an account, and in which as in any other platform of blogs (In this case Video Blogs), what we are all interested in is getting as many visits as possible.

However, we do not always know how to do it, so I have decided to write this article, with the intention of giving you some advice and help you to make your videos better positioned, and thus get those longed visits, tips that you can find below.

How to do SEO on YouTube to better position your videos:

Fill in all the fields of your channel correctly, including a photograph.

First and most important, choose a good title, a title that is descriptive of at least 3 words, and that does not exceed 65 characters counting spaces.

The second, to choose well the video tags, like the title, these should describe well the content of the video, for example and if the video out of a chicken recipes, a good tags in this case would be: recipe, chicken, Cuisine, food, homemade, traditional, healthy, dinner.

Third select the appropriate category of the video, it does not make much sense to place a video of cooking in sports for example.

Make a good description of the video, I would put at least a description of 100 words.

Make sure, that you never write any misspellings, this is very penalized in the positioning and also does not cause good feeling to our visitors.

The content that you upload or write, should not be copied, but must be written by yourselves, ie original content.

Do not fill the video of cartelitos, that prevent to see correctly the video, or the people will anger as they enter, which is very harmful because YouTube improves the position of the videos, that the people see of complete way, since it is indicative of that Is interesting.

A good frame of the video, the one that stays fixed and the one you see before entering it, will assure you a greater probability that the users will enter the video.

Get other people to subscribe to your channel, and comment your videos, that will increase your positioning and visits.

Comment on the most important channels and videos of the competition, ie related to the theme of your channel, since every time you write on another channel, a link is created from that channel to your account, this would be the closest thing To linkbuilding a normal blog, but much easier to get.

Get people to share your video on social networks or links in other blogs, in this case it would be very important especially that they pressed the +1 Button, of your video.

Link your YouTube video, in those forums or websites, that allow you, including of course to your Google + account, it will certainly improve your positioning.

And so far, all the advice I can give you to better position videos on YouTube, I hope you have been helpful, and that you write your opinion, or at least share it through a link wherever you want, thank you very much for your Visit and I hope you come back soon.

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