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It has been a long time talking about Google Authorship, and therefore about how important it is to have it activated, to have our Google Author Rank, which will help us to better position all the websites and articles, where we have demonstrated to Google, Our authorship, however unlike its predecessor, Page Rank, there is not much information on how to know what our current score.

That is why, I have researched to find a web or application, which allows us to know our Author Rank, so to know if there is an improvement and if you try to improve it, to know if we are getting it, something very important at least For me, since we all like to know if our work and commitment are coming into effect.

So after a long search on the net, I found a tool, with which you will finally be able to know your Author Rank, you will only have to add your Google + id, and this application will start Analyze your Google + profile to show you your Author Rank, I have to warn you that it is a bit slow, which will surely improve in a short time as it is still in beta.

To know your Author Rank, click on the next link: Measure Author Rank or Author Rank.

Not only does it give you your Author Rank, but it also gives you a code to integrate the result into your website, including your author photo, well I hope you have been helpful this article, if you know other similar tools that allow us to find out Our Author Rank, I would appreciate you to share it with us through a comment, and I just have to say thank you for your visit and I hope you return to visit me soon.

Tips to Increase Your Rank Author:

Make sure that all your articles are of quality and contain the code of your authorship “Google Authorship”.

You should have complemented your Google + profile, from where you have worked, studied or your description.

Having the Google + +1 button on your website, so that people can share it on Google+, the more they share articles of your authorship, Google will take as being of quality and interest, which will impact on your Author Rank.

Share your articles in Google +, not only through the +1 button, but through the Google+ link publishing option, the difference between normal publication and publication through the link option is that with the option Normal link is nofollow and with the link option is dofollow, both serve but the dofollow is better.

Interact in a more or less daily way with your Google + profile, and by that I mean not only that you publish links from your website, but also that you participate in an active way, writing comments on pages or profiles of other people from Google +.

Try to interact with profiles, which talk about the same theme as your web pages, it is very likely that as was the case with PageRank, more interaction with pages and profiles of related topics is counted, so it would be important that these related pages do + 1 in your web.

Try to have people and pages related to our website, comment on our publications and possibly share them too.

If you are in forums, or webs that allow you to link your Google + profile, do so, this is very likely to help you, just as linking a web helps you to better position.

If you write comments on any website, which allows you to do so using your Google+ profile, do so, since this way the web links to our profile, and is sure to be positive.

Anyway, so far the things that I think can help improve your Author Rank, and therefore the positioning of your websites and articles, I hope you have helped, and that you share this article by publishing a link wherever you want or You can, if possible your web, if you know any other way to improve it share it with us through a comment, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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