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All those who have a web page, we want to receive a good number of visits, and for this first we have to get a good positioning, so it is necessary to meet the basic SEO standards, which we are asked by the search engines, mainly Google, very important standards Both for Google, and for our visitors, so as you see is doubly important.

In many cases, when we talk about SEO, we refer to many external actions such as getting links to our website, or other actions that could lead to a penalty by the search engine par excellence, ie Google, however the advice that today I go To give, can be implemented in less than a minute, since in this case, the Content Manager of Joomla, has integrated very important options of basic SEO, which can be activated with a simple click.

Well, the first thing we have to do is go to site >> global settings and on the right side we will see a box that puts SEO settings, which you can see in the following image.

Well, here we have to activate the first 2 options, which are the ones that will allow us to have friendly URL’s, although before doing this we must make sure that we have “Mod_rewrite” enabled on our apache server, that option will be found in the .htacces file.

This option will make the URL’s of our articles, instead of being displayed:


They will be shown:


That not only is much better for the user, but also important to improve the positioning, since it is a basic rule of Google.

Then, although it gives me problems, it is usually recommended to activate the site cache >> global configuration >> system and in the right part you will find a box called “Configuration cache”, as you can see in the following image:

In this option, as you see in the detachable, there are 2 cache options:

Progressive cache: It generates cache files of site elements over time. (This is recommended for most sites).

Conservative caching: It generates large amounts of files throughout the site to support large amounts of traffic.

You should also activate extensions >> Plugin Manager “cache system”, remember that every time you make a change like writing a new article, you will have to clear the cache, so that the changes are visible, which you can do in site >> Maintenance >> clear cache.

After activating this option, we must go to the site >> global configuration >> server and go to the server configuration box, which you can see in the following image:

Here you must activate the option called Gzip Compression of the pages, this option will compress the weight of our web page, thus speeding up the loading time of our website will be much lower, load faster and improve our positioning.

In addition to the above, I advise you to install and activate 2 plugins, which will help improve your positioning, and these plugins are:

JCH_Optimizer: This will improve the loading speed of your website, compressing and minifying CSS and JS files.

SEO Friendly Links and Images: This plugin, is dedicated to automatically fill in the ALT attribute of each of the images, something Google sees with good eyes when positioning your web.

And so far, everything I can recommend to do internal SEO in Joomla, and thus improve your positioning, to know how to do SEO in Google, which is very important too, you can read the following article: How to do SEO on Google for Positioning well, I hope this article has helped you, thank you for your visit, and I hope you return soon.

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