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Today and with the constant evolution of technology, the ways in which we can access the internet has changed significantly, since before the only way to access the internet was through the desktop PC of a lifetime, and yet Nowadays you can access the internet through mobiles, consoles, tablets and included certain glasses or watches.

The problem that has arisen with this evolution of technology is that unfortunately the web pages have not evolved at the same speed, giving problems to all those who surf the Internet on devices other than the desktop computer of a lifetime, These webs are not prepared to be seen correctly on very small screens, and are disregarded or created in programming languages, which mobile browsers are not able to read.

It is precisely because of these problems that the web pages called responsive design or adaptive design have emerged, which are those webs, that adapt perfectly to any device, so that they are adjusted to see correctly any type of screen and resolution of the New devices such as mobile phones and tablets, something very important if we take into account that by the end of 2013, more than half of Internet access has been made through these new devices, and it seems that this trend will continue to increase.

And it is very important that our users can correctly see our website from any device, otherwise, any visitor who visits our website and can not navigate in a comfortable or flowing way probably goes to another website, thus losing visits and Money in case of having the web monetized.

But it is not only important when our visitors, feel comfortable and can see our website perfectly, something that I think is the most important thing, but also Google and other search engines detect whether or not your web is adaptive, penalizing you Or improving your positioning in mobile searches, which is logical, since Google wants to give the best service possible, and this would not be possible if the searches from mobile devices resulted in web pages, which can not be seen correctly.

That is why, if you have not already adapted to the new trends in the design of the market, you must update the design of your website so that it has an adaptive design, and when you do it better, since most of your visits today For today are not visualizing correctly your web pages.

For those who use CMS or content managers like WordPress or Joomla, it is much simpler, you will only have to look for an adaptive design template, which are already several and also free, anyway, I hope this information has been of Utility, any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to share it through a commentary, which I will answer as you read, thank you very much for your visit and I hope that you return very soon.

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