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One of the first things you will read in any article, that talks about how to position a web in Google, or another search engine, is that one of the most important things is certainly to have a good linkbuilding strategies, or put another way , Get a good number of quality links, which point from other websites, towards ours.

However, once we get to this point, there are many opinions about what are considered or not, some quality links, and not only referred to the web that points us, but the type of link, since this can be dofollow, which It transmits PageRank (it is an internal metric of Google to qualify webs, formerly it was public and it could be consulted) and that positions us very well, or nofollow, which means that Google will follow but will not transmit PageRank, something that at this point, Is no longer very important.

Many say that the links that we get to our website, are of no use, if these are nofollow, something that could not be more disagree, it is true that a dofollow link is more positive, and help us to position more Fast, however the nofollow links, also help to position better, in addition to doing it also by keywords which Google counts the same.

And not only that, but also after several updates of different algorithms Google, likes to see, that there is a good balance between nofollow and dofollow links, since if you only have dofollow links, it is clear that Have not been achieved in a natural way, but have been achieved with the sole intention of positioning and therefore can penalize us.

Contrary to what others say, that a nofollow link means for Google that it is not important, yes it is, it is precisely the fact of saying that the nofollow links do not position what is a sovereign nonsense, since if Not important, why they were going to link ?, I can also assure you from your own experience, that if they help to position, since this web you are reading, is the fourth website, that I can position with a clear majority of Nofollow links, and also position it in a short space of time, so that it is not said to be the result of the waiting and the creation of the content.

It is more precisely, every time Google recognizes me a new link nofollow you can see the increase in number of visits, so you know, as long as they come from quality websites, do not make them disgusted by any link, they all count for good, more Or less but count.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, it was difficult for me to read a lot of information and a lot of time doing tests to find out, well, I just have to invite you to comment on your experiences, including the number of visits you have, if It is possible, or simply to comment your opinion or constructive criticism, I would appreciate you to share a link of this article in your web or social networks, thank you very much for your visit, and I hope you come back very soon.

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