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Nowadays, anyone can become a web page or blog, and most if you do not have it yet, you will already have it or you will be thinking about having it, and we all have been through our head some time a question, can you win Money with a blog or web ?, because the answer is very simple, and that answer is yes.

Now, if you are thinking of becoming millionaires in 2 weeks, I have to warn you that you are wrong, unless it is clear that you are the next FaceBook, something that you will understand is not usually the norm, so in this articles we will focus, in How to make money with a blog or normal web page.

The best way to earn money with a blog or web is undoubtedly through advertising, that is putting banners of other companies on our website, for which these companies will pay us, this process is usually done through companies Advertising intermediary like Google, through its Google Adsense platform.

The Google Adsense platform is the best advertising platform you can find, it is the easiest, the one that pays the most and the best ads you have, yes you can only use it if your website complies with its usage guidelines, something easy As long as your web is not erotic or warez.

Implementing Google Adsense advertising is quite simple, since we will only have to select the type of ad and size we want for our website, and Adsense will give us a code that we will have to paste, in that position of our website that we want to appear, After which, we just have to wait and get as many visits as possible, in order to earn as much money as possible.

It will be Google, who will be responsible for showing the ads that will generate more money, and more possibilities that your visitors like, once you do not have to do anything, Google will pay you x money for every click that a user makes in Some of your ads, yes, Google will detect false clicks made by programs, and will also detect if you cheat by clicking on your own ads, even erasing the account if it detects these traps on a continuous basis, which is not convenient, since You will not be able to create one again, and there are no other companies of such quality and pay as well as Google.

To give you an idea of ​​how much money you earn with Google Adsense, in a web site that I have, I earn about 10 euros a month, with a number of 120 visits a day, that is 3600 visits a month, of course That what you pay for each click, will depend on the theme of your website and other factors, if any of you have already tried this platform or know of any other, you would be grateful to share with us your experiences, including when you earn money and Your number of visits so that we have an idea, and know of other alternatives just in case, and to finish just say you thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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