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For a couple of years, Google has been hard on those who try to alter the results of their search engine SEO techniques, which are nothing natural as buying links, so Google has drawn several algorithms, penalizing Black Hat techniques, and Which have turned all the results webs.

We all remember the clutter of Penguin and Panda, 2 algorithms that did a lot of damage to websites that used bad practices, and that in many cases virtually disappeared from the internet, but how do we know if we have been penalized by some of these algorithms? Because the truth is that it is quite difficult, since Google is not the ones who warn you, they simply erase you from the map.

However over time, different tools have come out, which can help us to find out if we have been penalized by Google, although they are not completely reliable, if you have lost a large part of your visits and these tools are positive, white and in bottle?…

How to detect if we have been penalized by Google:

1st: This option is not a tool, but will show us if we have been deleted from Google, just go to Google, and type in the search bar site:www.windowslinuxymac.com

If nothing appears, bad news, Google has completely erased you, if on the contrary yes you appear, it means that either you have only penalized you by dropping positions, or, you simply lost positions naturally.

2nd: http://www.blacklistalert.org

3rd: http://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx

The 2nd and 3rd option, are very simple, just put the name of our domain, and these tools will consult different databases of penalized websites, and tell us if we appear in one of them.

How to make Google decriminalize us and recover our positioning:

If for some reason Google has penalized you, there are ways to try to break us by regaining our position, but for this, the first thing is to undo all those actions that have been able to make us penalize, so you have an idea, you can look at this Article, of penalized activities:

SEO practices penalized by Google

Once, we have undone the practices that have led to our penalty, we must send Google a proposal for reconsideration of the penalty, through a form that Google has enabled for such cases, which I leave below:

Google reconsideration requests for penalized websites

After this, it is only waiting for Google to respond, and are magnanimous enough to take away the penalty, until then it is best to keep writing quality content, and optimize our website in a recommended way, I hope you have Served the item, thank you for your visit and hope you come back soon.

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