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The dream of every webmaster, is that your website appears on the first page of Google results, for which many do not stop looking for ways to do SEO, bring you to that position in Google, with the least effort Possible, and often falls into the error of performing certain practices that are currently penalized by Google.

Google began to penalize certain practices, to prevent the most savvy administrators, alter the natural positioning artificially, as is the case of those websites that buy links from other websites, a practice greatly penalized by Google.

However, there are still SEO practices, simple that are not penalized by Google, so to differentiate which we can do from which not, I have decided to write an article with Google’s penalized SEO practices, which I will write below:

SEO practices penalized by Google:

Copy content: If you copy the articles from another website, you will be penalized, and you will not receive almost visits, even disappearing completely from the Google search engine.

Buy links or backlinks: Links are one of the most important things to position, but if Google purchases you will realize, and you will penalize making you lose the most visits.

Spelling mistakes: Google penalizes the webs with spelling mistakes, something logical and normal, personally I’m tired of bleeding my eyes to read in forums like Yahoo, which I try to avoid at all costs.

Use too many keywords: I do not advise you to use more than 10 never.

Duplicate content within the web itself: like equal titles, same descriptions, same articles.

You can get links but with peace of mind: If you get about 3 links a week nothing happens, if you suddenly go from 0 to 1000, Google understands that it is not natural and penalizes.

You must have a balance between nofollow and dofollow links: Since if you only have dofollow, it is obvious that they have not been achieved naturally.

Flash Player: It may look nice, but Google can not read it, and if it can not read it for it does not exist and therefore will not go on Google searches.

Java Script: The less better, sometimes Google can not read it, and therefore do not index it.

Too many ads: If your web, is the style of Torrents websites, with 1001 ads, you will be penalized, Google always thinks about the user experience, and if this is not good, you will end up penalized, my advice do not put more than 3 ads.

Virus: If your web is infected with a virus and Google detects it, it will penalize you, erasing you from its results, Google does not want its clients to become infected.

Copyright: If your website infringes the copyright, and Google finds out, because for example the cultural industry requests the removal of a link from your website, delete it and also penalize you.

Use many H1 tags: These should only be used in titles, if there are many of them in an article will be penalized.

Hide links: Put links of the same color as the bottom of the web, so that they are not seen and deceive the user, will also be penalized.

Link wheels: This is one of the most penalized practices.

Cloaking: display different content for the user and Google of a same web, with the intention of deceiving users and the search engine.

In short, so far the practices that Google penalizes I can tell you, if you know others do not hesitate to write it through a comment, and to finish, I leave a couple of links, about SEO practices, if you can do, Without fear of being penalized.

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