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One of the most commonly asked SEO questions on the internet is undoubtedly the time it takes to position a website on the all-powerful Google, which is who will bring us the most visits to our website, so they appear In a good position, is more than important, unless your web is to the Twitter style, in which case you would not need it, although surely that is not your case.

Unfortunately, there is no exact time to position well in Google, since the positioning of a web in Google, is altered by many reasons, among the best known are the age of the domain, the number of backlinks or inbound links, and Of course, have original content and quality, in addition you have to take into account the competition, since if for example you assemble a web of Biographies or History, it will be very difficult to get a good number of visits and in a short time, since it is very Difficult to compete with Wikipedia.

For example, to guide you, I can tell you my own experiences in web positioning, when I set up my first web page, took about 7 months to get more than 100 visits a day, with a number of links greater than 100, and more than 300 articles, This is the one that cost me most to position due to my lack of experience in the seo world.

With this webpage, which you are visiting at the moment, and which is only 6 months old, I receive 50 daily visits, with 60 articles written, and 60 incoming links, however on another page of the same antiquity, with 120 articles Written and 100 incoming links, I receive about 130 visits per day (sometimes 200 visits), this website is Recipes, whose link you will find at the end of this website.

What I can tell you, is that I personally noticed a large increase in visits, the first time I assign a Pagerank to my website, which I noticed in all 3 websites, and also, and this is very important, when the web I am able to check with my first web page, from 120 visits a day, to 300 visits a day in less than a month, just when I was a year old.

Then, I’ll explain a few tricks, to significantly improve your positioning, if you have not already implemented it, the rest is a matter of waiting, and work hard for Google to ever position us better.

How to position a web in Google?

Writing at least a couple of articles a week, these and all others, should not be copied and must have at least 350 words.

The title of the website and articles should never exceed 65 characters, counting spaces, or be less than 3 words.

The domain name should be as short as possible and be descriptive of what the web is about, and of course not include numbers in the name, as Google does not like.

Meta descriptions must be 150 exact characters including spaces.

You should get quality links, writing for example, comments on other blogs or websites, in your comment box include the possibility of including your website.

It is also important that the name you give the link, contain the keywords, for which you want to be found, bone by words that describe the content of the website.

Register in Google’s webmasters tools, and send a sitemap.xml from our site, so that it correctly indexes our web.

Very important, do not commit spelling mistakes, Google hates and penalizes.

Our website should have url’s friendly example:

It should never be:

Your website, you must load fast, so be careful with images that occupy a lot, or use very heavy templates, because if it takes to load a lot Google will penalize them.

Enable Gzip compression on the server, this will compress our web, and will load faster, improving our positioning.

Never buy links.

Put social buttons, so that visitors can share your articles on Facebook …

Demonstrate to Google the authorship of the article, through its social network Google +, something very important, and that you can do it in the following way: How to put photo of author in Google search results

Well, so far all the advice I can give you (which are not few), since important things like the first update of Pagerank (which some are bent on saying that it has died), and getting 1 year old is a matter of Time, until then, only to fulfill the above described, and in you will see how little you are getting visits and a good positioning, well, I hope you liked the article, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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