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One of the most important things that we face when it comes to creating a website is to decide what name we put it and what the domain will be (www.loquesea.com) that we will use, which is why I have decided to write This article, to give you some advice on what will be the best web and domain name to use if we want to be successful with our website, and therefore get many visits.


Name of the Web:

To choose the name or title of the Web, we must think of a name, that describes well the content of the web, if for example our website outside home cooking recipes, the title that we should put it would have to be “Home Cooking Recipes “, Because this way our web will appear in the searches of those people who are looking for recipes of cooking, if on the contrary it was called” The pot of the grandmother “, would not appear, with the consequent loss of visits.

Another indispensable parameter when choosing a title, is to take into account the maximum and minimum size of the same, it is recommended not less than 3 words, and under no concept exceeds 65 characters including spaces, since in the Results of Google, will only show the maximum the first 65 characters, penalizing in the searches those websites whose titles exceed this number.

Web domain name:

When choosing the name of the domain, we will have to eat a little the head, since we will have to choose a name that is descriptive, as short as possible and also has not been chosen by another web, since contrary to the title Of the Web, which is free and can be placed on different websites, the domain name is unique.

But that does not end the thing, since we will also have to take into account, to which countries or continents the web is directed, since according to the audience to which the web is directed, we will choose one domain or another, for example if we want to receive Visits from all over the world, as I intend to do with this website, then we must choose a .com website, or in its absence a .net or .info, if I only want it to be addressed, for example, to the countries of the European Union, I will choose one .eu, or if I just want to receive visits from Spain, I will choose one.

And what is the difference between a .es or .com or .eu domain ?:

Very easy, while .com is an international domain, and Google will position it more or less the same in all countries, others as .es, are specific domains of Spain, so that although they can be accessed from any country, Google will give priority to .s web sites in searches that take place in Spain, above for example a web .mx that would be from Mexico, so it is very important to choose a good domain for positioning in Google.

And what do I do if the name is already occupied ?:

Due to the fact that the names can not be repeated, there are some tricks to have more or less the name that we want, for example, I have a home cooking recipes web whose domain name, I wanted it to be www.recetasdecocinacasera. Com, but as it is obviously a good name, this was already busy, so choose to separate the words from the domain name with hyphens, being such that: www.recetas-de-cocina-casera.com, you can also use numbers And accents, to be able to register it, although these 2 last forms are not recommended, since the accents are difficult to remember for the people, and the numbers in the domain name does not like Google.

Well, I hope you have been helpful, for any doubt, do not hesitate to ask for a comment, thank you for your visit and I hope they come back soon.

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