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The first step of all we have to do, when we have created and uploaded our website to our hosting, is undoubtedly to register our page in the biggest search engines in the world, which at the moment are Google, Bing and Yahoo in this way Our site will be indexed much faster, and so we will start receiving visits before.

Although these steps are not necessary, they are highly recommended, since when we are indexed before, we will position before and will receive visits, which obviously interests us all, well in this article I will explain 2 ways to register your web Manually, and these are the following:

How to register your web in Google:

You can register your web in Google, from this link typing the address of your web page and giving you to send request, you must be logged in with a Google account to be able to do it:

Register your web in Google manually

Another way to give your website of high, is through the Tools of webmaster of Google, where you will have to send the sitemap of your web, something that I also recommend that you do every time you make any changes on the web, and That not only register your website, but also index all articles and section of this, for this you will have to register and send it from the following link:

Register your web in Google manually via sitemap

How to register your web in Bing and Yahoo:

Because both search engines were merged a couple of years ago, all the management of web indexing and other is only done through Bing, which saves us some work, to register your website in Bing and Yahoo, you have The following 2 ways:

You can do it by sending your web from this link:

Send web to Bing and Yahoo manually

Like in Google, you can do it through the tools of webmasters of Bing using a sitemap, which should also be done every time you update the web, and you can do it from the following link:

Register your website in Bing and Yahoo manually via sitemap

I recommend that you give your web site high both ways, because through the tools of Webmasters, not only can you index your entire web, but also you can see other statistics as how many incoming links you have, time to load your website, The number of articles and images indexed and how many are missing to index, see through which searches come to your web and a lot of other things that you will discover.

Anyway, I hope the article has helped you, remind you that constructive comments are always appreciated, and any questions or doubts you may have do not hesitate to explain, I will try to help you as soon as possible, thanks for your visit, share a link Of the article by social networks, your web or blog and I hope that you return soon.

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