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One of the most important things that we have to do SEO when we create a new web page is to tell the search engines how to display and interpret by default our web address or domain name, since this can be viewed or interpreted with both www and Without www.

But not only that, but we must tell you if our web with www and without www is the same, since by default search engines index the contents in duplicate, since they understand that they are not the same web address, thinking that www. Windowslinuxymac.com and windowslinuxymac.com are different domains.

This fact very negatively affects the SEO and therefore to our positioning in the search engines, and even worse, we can carry a fairly large penalty, since each article that we post on the web, indexed 2 times and what could be detected and Interpreted as duplicate or copied content, and it is one of the things that is most penalized in the internet, which to end up happening we would lose many visits, to the point of making our website become irrelevant.

To avoid such a danger, we can do it in different ways, the first only you can use those that you use a server mounted with apache, since we will make a redirect 301 through the file .htacces, and the second you can do any, although it will only serve For Google, although honestly, I recommend that you do both, since they are not incompatible with each other, and at least it gives me much more security, besides let’s not fool ourselves, what is important in Google, which is the search engine used by 96% Of the Spanish speaking community, then you can see how to make both redirects.

How to redirect a domain (web) without www to one with www through htacces:

Well this method is very simple, since you only have to copy the following code in your htacces, just after the phrase RewriteEngine On, which should be uncommented, and the code to paste, you have to change the domain address that appears Yours, after which you will already have the redirection of your domain for all the seekers through htacces.

RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST}! ^ Www \ .windowslinuxymac \ .com
RewriteRule (. *) Http://www.windowslinuxymac.com/$1 [L, R = 301]

How to redirect a domain (web) without www to one with www through Google Webmasters:

For this method, you will have to register the web in google webmaster tools, but you will have to register it 2 times, once with the www and the other without www. Once we have registered both pages, we must enter each one separately, and in both cases go to the tab that has as a nut in the upper right, display the options and enter the site configuration option.

There will be an option called “Preferred domain”, in which we can choose if we want it to be shown by default with or without www, we must choose the same option in both cases, if we want it to be displayed with www, in both pages we will mark The option display with www and vice versa.

Well, so far the article on how to redirect our domain addresses, I hope the article has helped you, any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to write it through a comment, as soon as you read it, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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