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Every day more and more people are encouraged to create a web page blog on the internet, some just for hobby and others to try to get a few eurillos a month, to help you make ends meet or at least generate Enough income to pay for decent hosting.

The best way to earn money with a web or blog, is through the banners advertising, are very easy to get, you just have to register on a website that offers advertising, and they will give you some codes that you will have to put in The part of your web page where you want the ads to appear.

It is the company that is dedicated to show your visitors the most suitable ads for them, and in return they will pay you some money per month depending on the type of advertising you have contracted, since according to the type of advertising you are paid only for displaying the advertisement , Or other actions, to see the types of advertising that you can visit my other article: Differences between Web advertising: CPC, CPM, CPA and CPL.

The best company in the world to make money is definitely Google Adsense, but unfortunately, this is very restrictive when it comes to accepting the content type of many websites, as it does not accept web pages whose content is called Warez , Ie linking movies, music, anime, series or any other content that may be considered infringing copyright.

I personally do not advise you to mount any type of Web with illegal content, as it is not fair to the creators of such content and is also dangerous for you. But if for some reason you had some page that even being legal did not comply with the policies of Google Adsense, I decided to write this article, to show you a list of advertising companies with which you can work without any problem, since they accept all types Of contents.

In this list I will order the companies for the type of advertising campaign they offer, whose explanation is in the link that I have put at the beginning of the article, to see which companies can hire advertising giving equal to your type of content read the list that is then.

List of advertising companies for websites Warez and any other type:

CPC: www.adpv.com, adnow.com,
CPM: www.cpmrocket.com, www.adbooth.com, www.matomy.com,
CPA: www.adjal.org, cpawild.com, factorads.com.

Unfortunately as you can see, I have not found many webs about payments in CPC for Warez webs, since most webs for this type of content are CPA and CPM, personally I recommend that you choose the CPM company www.adbooth. Com, which will pay you money for every thousand visitors you have, pay less than in CPA campaigns like those in Adjal, but they are more ethical.

I feel that we are many webs that I can recommend, so if you know of any of them and I will add them, it would also be very helpful to indicate the number of visits and profits so we can make an extrapolation of your data, and know How much we could win the others, thank you for your visit.

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