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Surely many of you have ever wanted to set up your own website but you have not known how, otherwise logical as it is quite difficult if you do not know the right tools, these tools are called CMS or Content Managers.

Luckily today there are a variety of tools that will allow us to create a quick and simple web, and that are also free, in this case I will recommend the 4 most popular and on which more information you will find what you It will make the task easier, these tools will be found next.


Joomla! Is a powerful web content manager (CMS or Content Management System) that allows you to create smart, dynamic and interactive websites. Due to its design, power, flexibility and enormous possibilities for expansion, it is becoming the preferred publication system for many educational centers and millions of webmasters around the world to develop their web portal.

From a template and initial sample contents we can develop a colorful and complete portal adding the contents, menus and visual elements desired through a web environment and without the need for ancillary programs or special knowledge of design or programming already That all these operations of editing and administration are made through any browser.

Download Link: Download Joomla


Drupal is a modular, multi-purpose, highly configurable content management system that allows you to publish articles, images, or other files and added services such as forums, polls, polls, blogs and user and permission management.

It is a free program, licensed GNU / GPL, written in PHP, developed and maintained by an active community of users. It stands out for the quality of its code and generated pages, respect for web standards, and a special emphasis on the usability and consistency of the entire system.

The design of Drupal is especially suitable for building and managing communities on the Internet. However, its flexibility and adaptability, as well as the large number of additional modules available, makes it suitable for many different types of website.

Download Link: Download Drupal


The most famous tool of all when it comes to creating web pages, it is undoubtedly WordPress, this CMS is the chosen by more than 50% of the webmasters of the world, to carry out their projects, this is due to the great ease of Management that provides this CMS, even if its users are beginners, this CMS, is highly recommended to make blogs and some simple web, although if you have spent some time in this world, surely you are able to mount a fairly decent web.

Download Link: Download WordPress


This content manager oriented to create webs of sale of articles, is well known and used in the whole world due to the great support that has and the large number of modules or plugins that can be installed, doing the creation and maintenance of the web Something simple even with low computer skills.

Download Link: Download Magento

So far the 4 content managers or CMS that I recommend, if you know any other or you want to give us your opinion, do not hesitate to write it in a comment and share it with the rest of readers, I would also appreciate you to share a link of this article By social networks or with any interested party, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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