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Today there are many programs and web pages, which allow us to share files at no cost, but most of them do not have a large list of files that interest us, or are very difficult to use, not to mention that most do not Have a file search system of their own, but you have to search for them on the internet and this is something heavy, however there is a program that does not have these problems, and that we have used most of us, it is the old and known Emule.

While most people think that it is a very old and slow system, the reality is quite different, as it continues to enjoy a good number of users, and well configured can download a lot of files at a good speed, so Just have to know how to do it, and for this I have done the following manual, in which I will teach you how to configure your emule.

The first and most important thing that you must do for Emule to work correctly, is to put a static or fixed IP address, which you can do as follows: Set a static or fixed IP address in Windows.

You must open the ports for this IP, which you should do on your router, and therefore depends on your router model, so that you will have to investigate a bit you, what I can tell you, is that to enter into your Own router and configure it, you will have to go to the internet browser bar and write, after which you will be asked for a username and password to enter, they are surely written at the bottom of the router, and if not, you can Look for it through the internet, putting the model of your router, or ask your ADSL company.

I recommend that you open the ports 50000 and 50010, which will be free to use, as we use any other program that could hinder the perfect operation of emule.

Assign to Emule the ports that we have previously opened in the bone router the ports 50000 and 50010, for this we must go to the Emule preferences tab and go to the connection section, and put the port 50000 where TCP puts, and where UDP put The port 50010, as you can see in the following image:

Set some limits in the speed of rise and fall, so as not to collapse your internet connection, but never put the upload to 0, since you will not download anything, this is a P2P program, which is based on solidarity, how much The more you share the more you can download, so make sure that you are always sharing a file, you can do it from preferences connection section.

From the connection section, also increase the maximum number of sources per file and maximum connections, in addition we must make sure that the auto tabs connect at startup and reconnect when the connection is lost.

Another important thing for the good operation of Emule is to have a good list of secure servers, to which Emule can connect to search, share and download files, so that you have a good list of well configured servers, you will have to Enter the following link: List of secure servers for Emule and how to configure them.

And finally, in order not to make a mistake when it comes to finding our downloads, from the “Directories” section of the Emule preferences, and where you put “incoming files” click on the icon of a folder, and look for the folder Downloads, which we will select as default, so anything that is downloaded will be in that folder, as you can see the following image:

Well, I hope this manual has been helpful, if so, thank you for any comments and share it with a like, +1 or Tweet, thank you for your visit.

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