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A long time ago, the Torrents arose as an alternative to traditional P2P programs such as Emule and to a lesser extent Ares, and with the popularization of this fast way of sharing files came a variety of programs to make file exchanges With this new alternative.

And although the fact that there is a great variety of programs for the same purpose is good, there are times that it becomes a headache know where to decide, and nowadays with so many P2P programs and many of them with great nickname We no longer know which to choose.

However with the passage of time, there are two tools that have become the kings of the market due to its ease of use and its good operation, these programs are Vuze, known more by its ancient name that is Azureus and the well-known Utorrent.

So the first filter at the time that torrent program to use is this, we will go directly to use one of these two tools, which will surely make you wrong, but to be more specific and help you choose which program you agree More, I have decided to write this article, and so clear the doubt or give my opinion on the great war that is on the open internet about which program is the best of all, and more exactly which is definitely left as king of torrents programs Vuze or Utorrent.

Vuze (Ancient Azureus):


Quick downloads.

Being well known you can find many configuration manuals on the network.

It has a free version with advertising and one of payment without advertising and more functions.

The free version is quite complete and serves for what we want, download torrents.


By having more functions than you should (such as HD video recorder or player), it takes up more space, and is more difficult to set up and use and makes it slower and generally consume more resources .



Very fast downloads.

Easy to use thanks to its great simplicity.

It takes up little space.

It allows you to choose within a single torrent, which files we want to download, for example if a torrent contains a folder with 4 files, we can download only one of the four.

It has a basic free version and with advertising, that does everything that we really need, or we can opt for the payment that at the time of download there are no differences, but no advertising.


In some occasions this program has given me the same errors in different versions, because it automatically stopped downloading, but in the latest versions I have not happened (I confirm that in current versions this is corrected).

Personal opinion:

Well after having used both programs in different versions, and having compared their speed performance … I would recommend without any doubt Utorrent, as it is lighter and consumes less resources, for example occupies less, is easier to use and download the same Faster than Vuze or even slightly faster.

It is true that Vuze has more functions, but here it is that the program downloads that for that we want, if then we want other functions other than P2P, we better install the program suitable for that function, such as a player Of video, since it is better to use a specific one like VLC than to use the one with which these applications are integrated, that is why I believe that these additions only make subtract Vuze instead of add, it makes it more complex and heavy to add functions that even they work right.

So my opinion is clear, Utorrent is the torrent program that I recommend you, and in case you do not work well for the reason that might be, in that case you have Vuze which with its more and less is still a great Program, well, I hope that this article has helped you, and do not forget to write your opinion and your experiences with these two programs, which do you consider to be better ?, good to finish thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back soon .

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