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Lately, sure that you all have heard a lot about new file storage systems in the cloud, especially Google Drive, without being very clear what they are talking about when they talk about it, and especially what this new system actually serves .

Well, cloud storage services, in which are stored the files that we want to save, the advantage of this system is that these virtual disks are hosted on the internet, so if we save a file in them, we will have Access to it from any device with internet access, as long as we have your username and password.

It is what we could call a virtual hard disk online, although of course in reality, all the data that we keep in the cloud, will be stored in real hard disks, that the company will have distributed by all its Data Centers that will have by the world , Which gives us great comfort when it comes to carrying data but has certain drawbacks.

One of the disadvantages is that when you want to recover the data, you need an internet connection, and in case the data occupy much, you will need a very fast internet connection, another drawback, is that as I said before, the Data is stored on the hard disks of another company, which may not be very funny to those who care about the issue of privacy.

But even with everything, I think it’s a very useful functionality, which could come in handy as for example to back up important documents, so you can then see what are the best cloud storage systems and which Give us more free capacity, since they all usually give a free minimum capacity (more than enough for normal use), and then if we want to increase that capacity we have to pay a monthly fee proportional to the capacity we need.

List of storage systems in the cloud, sorted from highest to least according to the free space they offer us:

MEGA: MEGA, the successor to the extinct Megaupload, is one of the most famous cloud storage systems, and the most secure, since it uses RSA public key encryption to encrypt all the files we upload to the server, and also gives us 50 GB completely free.

Get 50 GB free with Mega

Google Drive: Service that belongs as its name indicates to google, which in addition to the free capacity that offers us, we know that our data is safe with a company of as much recognition and professionalism as it is Google, this service offers us so Free 15GB, although you can increase to more capacity by paying for it of course.

Get 15 GB free with Google Drive

Yandex Disk: It is the alternative to Google Drive created by the largest Russian Internet search engine, this offers a free 10 GB of storage, quite acceptable storage, but against it has only found in English or Russian.

Get 10 GB free with Yandex

OneDrive: It offers us 5 GB for free, this system belongs to Microsoft, and to access it only have to have a Hotmail account or Outlook.

Get 5 GB free with OneDrive

DropBox: This system offers 2GB for free, although you can get up to 18 GB free if you get other people to make an account through an invitation of yours, each invitation accepted is 500MB more free space, also includes modalities of more space But of course you have to pay.

Get between 2 GB and 18 GB free with Dropbox

In short, so far all the reliable systems that I have been able to find, and that give some free capacity, enough for the day to day, I hope this article has helped you, any doubt or opinion write it in a comment and I will read it And I will answer when I can, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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