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P2P programs, which served and even serve to share all types of files quickly and easily, whether programs, music or movies, have become popular in the internet for many years. Other documents such as e-books.

Later, it was changed from file sharing using the P2P programs of life as Emule, in the case of Mac Amule, to use a new programs of P2P download called torrent programs, which are called thus, because the searches of archives That you want to download are no longer searched through an integrated search engine in the same program as was done in Amule.

But to download a file you have to go to a web search torrent, and download the torrent corresponding to the file you want to download, and when you open it with the torrent program that we have installed, it will start downloading the file that we wanted, which In my opinion is a step back, since now we depend on an external web that we did not need before.

However, the speed of download improved greatly thanks to these new programs and with it came many alternatives to manage the download of such files, so when choosing a program torrent or P2P, we may have doubts of what would be the Best option to install, that is why I am going to write several recommendations, to reduce to only a few programs among the ones you should decide.

Recommended torrents programs for Mac Os:

Utorrent: Without a doubt the best torrent file sharing program for Mac, good for Mac and also for Linux and Windows, since it is multiplatform, also consumes very few resources and downloads very fast, this is the one that I recommend you install Yes or yes.

Transmission: It is a good alternative to Utorrent, since it is simple to use, and consumes less RAM and CPU, which is perfect if your computer is very powerful.

Bittorrent: Of the four is the least options have, which makes it simple, is a program to download and point, which after all is what we are looking for, so if you do not want to complicate, this is a great choice.

Vuze: Another of the well-known torrent programs, which is also available for Windows, is a program that performs very fast download, but that becomes a little more complicated to use, because it has options that go out of its main task, such as A section for viewing video clips, but still a great alternative.

P2P programs with integrated search engine:

Amule: The Mac version for the well-known emule, perhaps a little slow, especially if you do not know how to configure it, but has its own browser and an extensive list of files, which does not have any other program.

FrostWire: It is a program of free code, which includes its own search engine based on the program LimeWare, a good alternative much faster, but with less catalog of downloads.

Well I hope the article has helped you, if you know other programs that serve the same purpose, that you have tried and liked, I would appreciate you to share them through a commentary, as well as any doubt or opinion, which I will reply when reading any comments and as always thank you for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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