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As I explained in the article on “Antivirus recommended for Mac and where to download”, although there was no virus almost for Mac, nowadays we can not say the same, and because of that time in which MAC was synonymous with Security, a false belief has been created that there is no virus for Mac or iOS.

But with the passage of time and as this platform has become popular, as its version for mobile devices called iOS, hackers have gotten to work and new viruses have appeared for these two platforms every day, thus leaving Unprotected to those unwary who think that they have an impregnable operating system, but that unfortunately is not so and that belief is far from reality.

But worst of all, it’s not that people think that, but a few months ago Apple, decided completely immoral, and with the only idea of ​​selling more devices to their customers, remove the APP Store most applications Antivirus, thinking so if people do not see antivirus, they will think that they are not necessary, that therefore iOS is more secure and then they will sell more.

Something I repeat, in my opinion deplorable, because it is not based on any security study, or even on the reality of the security of their devices, have been based only on a marketing idea, to sell more products at the cost of unprotecting their Customers against possible malware attacks.

That is why I have decided to write this article, with the intention of helping you protect your Apple devices with iOS, and thus prevent you from becoming infected with a virus such as those that have come out lately, which in the case of mobile devices are dedicated to send Message to all your contacts with the corresponding cost, and even sending SMS to Premium numbers emptying your bank account, keep in mind that these SMS have an overall cost of 2 euros per SMS.

But considering that an Apple device is quite expensive, I’m going to put a list of free antivirus but effective, to avoid an added cost, such as paying an antivirus license, whose list is the following.

Recommended free antivirus list for iOS:

Lookout Mobile Security: It is a very complete security application. In addition to being an antivirus, it warns us about the last location of the device when it runs out of battery, and in case of loss it traces the phone so that we can retrieve it.

Norton Mobile Security: I am not a great friend of Norton, but it is a very possibility to keep in mind, has complete web protection and also analyzes the storage of devices for viruses and malware in general

McAfee Global Threat: You can scan our devices and alert us if we access a dangerous web.

F-Secure Safe: An antivirus with some prestige in other systems and also available for iOS.

Avira Mobile Security: An antivirus that you will all know if you have used Windows before, where it has a great history in virus detections, stories that we hope will be repeated in iOS, I at least be very happy with it while using it because of its high speed.

If any of you know any other free anti-virus for iOS, do not hesitate to write a comment to share it with others, well I hope the article has served you something, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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