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The other day I wrote an article about the recommended web browsers for Mac, and it made me think about writing this article, also recommending browsers to use in iOS, far from what you can think of, which are good for iOS no They have to be for Mac OS and vice versa.

Since iOS being a system for mobile devices such as phones and tablets has its own specific characteristics and dangers that sets it apart from Mac OS and therefore it must be given specific attention.

As you can see later, I have emphasized each of the browsers in 2 very important characteristics, the speed that is obviously what people are most set, and a characteristic that usually goes unnoticed and is very important and is security , Which in the case of mobile devices is even more important than in other devices.

Due to the fact that certain viruses with which we can infect usually try to empty the prepaid card or account to which the mobile is associated with practices such as subscribing to SMS Premium, or using our mobile to spam our contacts, for this and many Other things, we must worry a lot about security, so in addition to installing at least one free antivirus, I do not recommend installing any application that you do not download from the official App Store.

Recommended web browsers for iOS:

Safari: The default iOS browser, and therefore the most used, is obviously one of the best and recommended, but for those who are not at ease with this browser then you have other browsers fast and secure.

Chrome (Free): One of the most popular, and existing for all current platforms, Google’s browser allows you to synchronize your browsing data between all your devices using your Google account. Elegantly designed, it offers tabs and incognito mode, among many other functions besides fast and secure.

Mozilla Firefox: One of the best known and used on any mobile device or desktop computer, is fast, secure and also allows you to install the Adblock Plus add-on to navigate without advertising, for that you only have to enter through that browser to the Adblock Plus web and give it install plugin.

Opera Mini (Free): This browser stands out for its great speed, quick access to favorite links, tabs with preview and other options to save and share pages, is also one of the safest. It also stands out for its low consumption of resources.

Dolphin Browser (Free): One of the most popular browsers on Android, has also come to iOS and is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives. Dolphin Browser offers many practical options, such as tab synchronization between devices, tab support, sending links or text to your Windows browser or OS X … it is extremely fast and very secure.

So far all the browsers I can recommend for iOS, although they do not differ much from those I recommend for any other operating system, and is that all these browsers are famous on any platform, well I hope the article has been helpful, many Thank you for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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