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Browsing the internet is one of the favorite activities of most people right now, and not uncommon, since online we can carry out all kinds of activities, from playing online games, watching movies, listening to music or just reading press Or search for information, and all this through a web browser.

That is why finding a good web browser is of utmost importance, and one of the most important things next to the quality of the internet contracted, when it comes to enjoying a good user experience in our web browsing, in the same way a Bad browser, you can spoil the experience or quality with which we surf the internet, even having a good computer and a good fiber optic connection to the internet.

On the internet we can find dozens of web browsers, most promise to be the fastest, however this is usually not true, in addition to a browser there are many things to take into account when using it, between them and those that For me are the most important are safety, speed and personalization.

This article I write, so that those people who are using Mac Os, and therefore your Safari browser and you are not happy, or need another browser for special circumstances, have an idea of ​​what would be a good option to take into account, in This case and for Mac, I will highlight 2 high quality Web browsers.

List of the best browsers for Mac Os:

Safari: Mac’s default browser, notable for its visual effects and perhaps the most balanced in terms of efficiency and speed, is the most recommended because of its good integration into Mac, which is logical, have already been manufactured by the Same company, ie Apple.

Firefox: The Mac browser that allows more personalization of all, is also very fast and safe, a great alternative to Safari if you have not been happy with it.

Google Chrome: The best for web designers and the fastest next to Firefox when loading the content of any web page, this is due to the great support it has, thanks to the fact of having a company with as many resources as Google.

Opera: An alternative to take into account if you like none of the above, formerly it became one of the great navigators in market share, although today its market share is minimal, but its quality.

Firefox and Google Chrome: are usually the fastest, as to which is the fastest, it is difficult to say since with each update there are times that one gains in speed to the other, but never by a great difference, between these 2 browsers I would advise Firefox, as it has proven to be more secure on several occasions.

List other browsers for Mac Os:

Rock Melt: web browser aimed at integrating social media.

Torch Browser: Web browser and media player, recommended for people who download a lot of Torrents.

Flock: A browser primarily aimed at social networking integration.

Sunrise: This browser is mainly aimed at developers, it includes a great variety of information about how to load web pages.

So far the recommendation on different web browsers for Mac, if you know other compatible browsers, or you already have experience with those already mentioned, I would appreciate a comment telling you about your experience, thanks for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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