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Linux is a great operating system is many senses, efficiency, speed, a variety of distributions to choose from, it’s free, it’s very difficult the computer will infect you with viruses … But not everything is positive things, since like any program or system In this world, also has its own weaknesses.

The biggest weakness of the Linux operating system and by which most people do not definitely switch to Linux, is because of the fact that this lacks many programs that we are used to using in Windows, which does not mean that we do not There are other free programs that are not compatible with Linux, which perform the same function, but you already know that man is a habit animal, and likes to do the same with the same program.

The good thing is that lately many of the most used programs in Windows like Dropbox, Firefox, TeamWiewer, Skype … They have started to take versions of their programs for Linux natively, there are still many other programs that are not such as Office suite of Microsoft, called Microsoft Office.

While in many cases we can find alternatives that perform the same function natively in Linux, we may want to continue using our old program either out of love or because it has certain options that are not covered by the native Linux alternative, such as in The case of Microsoft Office, there are good alternatives like Open Office or Free Office, but although good, the interface is not exactly the same, it is more closely resembles the old version of Microsoft Office 2003.

It is for all this, that to fix this problem already there are developers who have come out their particular solution, in this case I am going to talk about 2 native Linux applications, which will allow us to run a good number of Windows programs on our Linux, In a fast and simple way, for them we will be worth 3 programs, these are Wine, Winetricks and PlayOn Linux.


To install Wine, Winetricks and PlayOn Linux, in its latest version, we go to the command line and execute the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa: ubuntu-wine / ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.8 winetricks
sudo apt-get install PlayOnLinux
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
These three programs complement each other to allow us to install a variety of programs, Wine would be the base program, which alone allows us to install Windows programs, we just have to right-click the program we want to install and Choose the option to open with Wine, after which will start the installation of the program as if it were Windows.

But sometimes the installation fails because some library is missing, for that we installed Winetricks, which if we open it will show an extensive list of libraries that we can install with a simple click, we just have to mark the library that asks us for Wine and install it, then We try again the installation of the program that had given us failure for missing a library, and this time should be installed without problems.

And you ask, and then for us to use PlayOnLinux?, Very easy, if you see that you do not clarify the normal way, or simply want to go to the easy, then you play Play On Linux, and this will show you a lot Of programs in lists that you can install, choose which you want to install and this will automatically open Wine and will do all the work automatically.

So as you can see there are two very simple ways to install Windows programs on Linux, or the addition of Wine plus Winetricks if you ask for a library during some installation, or by opening Play On Linux and installing the programs that are on your list, It is only left for you to decide which way seems simpler to you.

I also warn you, that installing Windows programs on Linux, through such programs or emulators, makes these are not as stable or efficient as the native Linux programs, so if you can use some alternative to the program that You need it to be native to Linux better, and if you already have a solution. Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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