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In Linux, there are many ways to install and uninstall programs, they can be installed from the software center that have the Linux distributions (each his own and with a different name), another of them is through executable files such as .deb Should or .rpm of Suse Linux and another one of them is using the terminal apt-get command.

It is precisely to carry out installations or uninstallations through the terminal, which although it may frighten at first, is the simplest and the ones that work better, I know that at first it can frighten, but I assure you that it is very simple and Fast, although there are also several commands that would allow us to perform these actions, but today we will focus on the order already explained above.

Today we are going to learn to install programs using the apt-get command or command, which downloads and installs itself, automatically osse the program that we asked for, as long as it has it in its database, so You can not install any programs, but if some very important as can be the video player and VLC music.

When we execute this command by command line, before downloading and installing the program that we have requested, we will notify you of the operation to be performed, asking if you really want to do it and that you are going to download and install packages, After which we will only have to accept and let you finish.

Then I leave the commands that you need to perform these actions from the command line, using as an example of installation the video player and VLC music, in your case you should only change the words VLC by the name of the program that you want to install or uninstall , These orders can be found next.

To install a program is apt-get install program name, for example to install VLC would:

sudo apt-get install VLC

To uninstall a program is apt-get remove program name, for example to uninstall amsn would:

sudo apt-get remove VLC

To remove the packages installed in our system and also delete their configuration:

sudo apt-get remove –purge VLC

To update our system and its programs:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

As you can see, it is really simple and quick to do, in terms of the last two commands, I recommend you do both if you install new programs or not, as they will allow you to update both the system and the programs that it Are found, and will be faster and easier than using the system update management application that has graphical interface.

Anyway, I hope you have served the information I wrote you today in the article, if so, or you have any doubts or opinions to express, do not hesitate to do so through a commentary, which I will answer when I see you, also Thank you for sharing the article on social networks or on your web page or blog, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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