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One of the most known problems of Windows computers is that with the continued use of this operating system, as time goes on, our system starts to get slower and slower, due to different and varied reasons.

Among them and one of the most important is due to the creation of records, temporary files, cookies, browser privacy histories, uninstalled program icons … which, although at the moment they are created are useful and have a purpose, when they stop Having Windows does not erase them, causing a considerable loss of speed and causing a malfunction of the system in general.

Well, that slowness and the other problems caused by these files that are created over time, can be solved quickly and easily thanks to a large range of registry cleaner programs such as Ccleaner, TuneUp or Argente Utilities . I lean more towards Argente, due to its greater effectiveness against other programs, besides being free and at the same time free software, which I always try to use whenever it is available.

Argente Utilities, not only cleans that dirt already described, but also is a complete suite that includes its own antispyware, and a novel immunizer capable of immunizing our system by plugging known security holes, so that in case our team comes into contact With some spyware or virus from your database, this one was not able to infect us, a certainly very interesting quality, that we are interested in using on any computer, whether in a company or on any other PC.

To use Argente Utilities, simply install it, run it, and open the One Click Maintenance option, which will be in charge of running all the previously named cleaning processes, as it also gives us the option to run them separately to save time, but We will pass it completely, for that we must select this option, and we will leave the following window:

Now it is only necessary to press the option to start analysis, and each and every one of the 5 available analyzes (one for each different type of problem) will be executed one behind the other, showing us the errors found next to each module, as shown in The following image:
When it finishes, we must press the option to repair all the errors, and to wait for it to repair, once repaired the errors that previously showed in blue, will appear to us as repaired errors and their color will be gray, as shown in the following image:

This program, also has some hidden surprises if you know how to configure, if you give us to investigate a little more thoroughly, from the configuration option in the lower left, we can, for example, configure it to start an indicated day At an exact time, or with a specified interval of time, pass your scanners, repair the errors found and close, everything automatically, but of course, that is a little to your desire to explore.
Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, and that now your computer works better than before, if you have any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to share it through a comment, I will reply when you read it, thank you very much for your visit And I hope you come back very soon.

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