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In Internet there are many ways to share and download content, one of the oldest and most famous is certainly P2P, that is why within the P2P there are many options, but not all the same, since there are those based on torrents such as Utorrent Or Vuze, and those that have their own file finder, ie we can manage everything directly from the program.

Among all the P2P programs with integrated search engine, today we are going to specifically talk about the 2 best alternatives that exist for the exchange of files, they are about the famous Emule and Ares.

These 2 programs were used long ago, until they were replaced by the famous direct downloads (which are already layered) and the torrents that make you depend on different websites, and which contains little content that is not current.

That is why I wrote this article, where I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using Emule and Ares, which is better, and why it is better to continue using them in the face of new alternatives, as well as to deny some unfounded myths that swarm by There, these differentiations can be found below.

Emule: Mythical P2P program that emerged as an enhancement to the Edonkey program, has been undoubtedly the most well-known and used program of all P2P programs.


You can find almost any file you are looking for either audio, video, programs … You will find them in all the qualities you want, even if they are very old files.
It is a very stable program that is not usually hung, no matter how big the file you want to download.


It’s a bit slow, but only if the file you’re downloading has few sources, if it has many, it flees from how quickly it will anger you.
Use servers, so if you do not get the right lists the speed will be even lower and you will not find almost any files.
More difficult to configure than Ares due among other things to lists of servers, it often becomes a headache to find servers that work.

Download Link: Download Emule


Ares: The 2nd most used and known file exchange program, for many like me the great salvation when you look for a good download speed.

Easy to install and use.

Great speed of download, even when it is badly configured its speed is usually 100KB on average, well configured its speed is as high as your internet connection and uploaders have the file allow it.


It is less stable than emule, if your ADSL speed is low and you try to download a very large file you can block the program.
It has fewer files than Emule, because it is less used, it is more currently has almost none.

Download Link: Download Ares
Myths about Ares and Emule:

Emule has more viruses than Ares
Ares has more viruses than Emule

These 2 phrases that many have heard are completely false, and I explain why, Ares and Emule are P2P programs, that means that you download from other people’s computers and they do it at once, so everything Depends on the computers that have installed one or the other and the file that you want to download.

That means that since none of the 2 programs store any files, they can not store viruses, do not fall into the trap of not using one of these programs for these false claims.

Conclusion and opinion: Although in the past you would have recommended that you install Ares, it is already used by so few people that it is not worth it, because it has very few files to download, nowadays who seems to have been reborn is Emule, which has a great variety of files and It works at high speeds, that in order to function quickly you must put servers, which will leave you a list whose link you will have at the end of this page, and in the configuration of the program you must mark the option redirección of port UPNP, and whose ports I recommend that they be the 50000 and 50010, since they are free because they do not use any programs.

Anyway, I hope you have been helpful to the article, then I’ll leave some links about some articles of mine, where I teach you to configure Emule correctly to enjoy good download speeds, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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