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Over time, our computers with Windows operating system, usually start to go slower and slower, and one of the reasons that this happens, lies in the fact that the data and files generally stored on our hard drive are Very fragmented.

This means that a single file is saved in several smaller pieces by different parts of our hard disk (although visually we can not see it and show as one), which makes the reading needle of our mechanical hard drive, late Much to find the different parts of the file that we try to read and cause a great slowness in our system.

This problem has been known for many years, since it occurs in all those mechanical hard drives, so there are many programs on the market that are dedicated to repair those harmful effects, produced by the time in our hard drive.

Which, in order to repair this error, rejoin those small pieces distributed by the hard disk, in a single place, so when the system reads it, instead of having to search several parts of the files in several Parts of the hard disk, find it directly in a single location of the hard disk, making it easier and faster to search and read, and therefore increasing the speed of our system.

Although Windows has its own hard disk defragmenter installed on the system, I have decided to resort to an external tool, because the default defrag of Windows is very slow and lacks important options, which can be found in free software programs such as Auslogic Disk Defrag.

It not only defragments the hard disk, but also optimizes its speed, moving all files from the hard disk to the faster sections of the hard drive, since this has 3 sections, one where you can read very fast data, another where The reading is done at a normal speed and the last one where the reading speed is very slow, so that its optimization consists not only in joining the different pieces of a file in a single part of the hard disk, but also moves these to The fastest parts of the disk that remain free, trying to the extent possible that no file is in the slow reading area.

To defragment and optimize the hard disk with Auslogic Disk Defrag we only have to execute it, we select the hard disk to defragment, and under the list of hard disks, we deploy with a mouse click the options of the program, after which we select the option defragment and Optimize, and thus automatically start scanning for fragmented files, defragment and optimize them by moving them to the fastest part of the hard drive, as shown in the following image:

Once finished, simply close the program and continue with our tasks, without any added complication. To download this great tool, just go to the following link:

Download Auslogic Disk Defrag

I hope this article helps you, if so do not hesitate to comment your opinion with a comment, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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