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One of the most known problems of Windows, is that as we know, with the passage of time, this tends to go slower and slower, but that does not happen by magic, but it is because among other reasons, there are many Programs that when installed, make a small modification in our system to start alone in the background when we turn on the computer.

This is like if for example, to give you an idea, if nothing else to turn on the computer run 10 programs at a time, would go really slow, but the problem is not only that slow the start of the system to start Several programs that we do not need at that time, since once initiated, we do not see them and therefore we do not know that they are there, and we do not close them, but these are there running in the background and consuming resources that slow down the whole system.

That is why I wrote this article, to teach you to disable such programs and therefore optimize the start and operation of our computer, which will come great on old equipment, but not only in them, but in any general, about All if they are laptops, since these programs in the background, consuming more processor, RAM ... also consume a lot of battery.

Then I'll teach you how to disable those annoying and unnecessary programs of Windows startup, for a faster startup, and at the same time prevent you from consuming the resources of our computer for as long as they are started and without our permission, so you I will explain it according to the version of the Windows operating system that you have, since in each version it is done in a different way.

How to disable startup programs in Windows XP and Windows 7:

To deactivate the startup programs in Windows XP and Windows 7 we should go to the start, search for the program to run, open it and type the msconfig word and press the enter key (In Windows 7 we can search msconfig directly in the start search bar ), After which the following window will open:

Now to deactivate the start of unnecessary programs, we go to the Windows Start tab and uncheck the boxes of those programs, we do not want them to start when starting the computer, once unselected we give to accept, after which it will ask us to restart , We give it to accept and thus we will restart the system for the changes to take effect.

It is possible that the first time it takes a little longer to start, and that when you start it, you will see a sign indicating that the start has changed, you only have to check the box "do not show this message again", you accept, And if you restart you will see that it is already going much faster and the message does not appear.

How to disable startup programs in Windows 8 and Windows 10:

In Windows 8 and Windows 10, it is much simpler than in previous systems, since in these the option was hidden and had to be searched, however in these new systems we just have to type at the same time the keys CTRL + ALT + DEL , After which we will have a list of options, from which we must select the "task manager", or from the start menu, type in the search bar "task manager", press that option and we will see the Next window, showing the "Processes" option, we go to the tab "Start" which is what we see in the following image:

There you will see all the programs that start with the system, and the causes of its slowdown, so if you want to disable some, you only have to select with the mouse and press the disable option, and if you want to enable it, it is the same but at Select it will appear the option enable, but be careful not to disable everything, those programs that like the antivirus are necessary that are always on leave it enabled.

Once these steps are done, I recommend restarting, so that the changes take effect and you can see the difference in speed, and as now your computer goes much faster, especially when starting. Then I'll leave you a link on another article, where I teach you more tips that can be useful to speed up your computer speed, remember that any doubt or opinion is always welcome, so do not hack and share it through a comment , Thanks for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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