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One of the most important files that we have to configure correctly after creating our web page, is the robots.txt file, since we can indicate very important parameters, such as to which parts of our web can access the spiders of Google And other search engines, which parts of the site are public and which are not ...

Another of the most important parameters that we can indicate in this file is where is located our file sitemap.xml also called site map (which we must have created previously and you will have to update with the passage of time every time you publish something new), Which must be in our root directory, ie in the same directory where the robots.txt file is hosted

To indicate robots.txt to the search engines where our sitemap.xml is, so that they can index all our articles and sections of our website, we will only have to go to our robots.txt file and just at the end write the following line :

Sitemap: http://www.windowslinuxymac.com/sitemap.xml

After that we will save the changes made in this file, although obviously in your case, you must change the name of the web page to your website, and the sitemap by the name you have given to your sitemap.xml, which I recommend that you call it the same as in my website, which is a name that should always have and as it is named by everyone.
I hope this explanation has helped you, as you can see the location of our sitemap.xml in the robots.txt file is surprisingly simple, as are other interesting options, options that just in case you need to know or just need help Also to create or improve your file or robots.txt file, then I'll leave the link of an article where I explain with examples how to create a good robots.txt and what are their options and how to apply them.

What is it? And how to create a robots.txt file

Anyway, I hope that the article has helped you, it's something that when I started I had a hard time finding and it turned out to be silly, but a nonsense that if not well indicated can bring us many headaches, remind you that It is always important to know your opinion, and that any question or question do not hesitate to comment, I will answer as you read it.
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