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One of the most important things to do when we have finished creating our website is to have the different search engines index them, since the sooner they index them before we start receiving visits, which is the reason for the Which we have set up such websites.

Well to sign up for internet search engines there are many ways, do it manually by going one by one, or with one of the many tools that make us work automatically, my advice is to manually sign up at The two main Google search engines and Bing.

Since between these 2 searchers 95% of the searches are distributed in the network, to register manually you will only have to write your web address in the box that will appear after clicking on the links that will leave you below and give you To send, but if you want to ensure that your website indexes fully and well, it is best to register in the section of webmasters of such search engines and send them our Sitemap.xml from the section sitemap, that action can carry out Also through other links that will let you order by search engine.

Another reason why I recommend that you sign up for the tools of webmasters of Google and Bing is because in addition to ensuring the indexation of our website, gives us the tools to see very interesting data about our website , Such as: number of Backlinks (links to our page), number of visits ... also we can manually send our sitemaps every time we upload articles, seeing that number of them have been indexed ... then I leave you with the links promised previously.

Links to register your websites in Google and Bing and to register in your Webmasters section:


Register a web in Google.

Register a website in Google's webmaster tools.

Register a web on Bing.

Register a web in Bing webmaster tools.

Once you have made sure to register your website on the two most important search engines on the internet, there are many other search engines in the network that share the remaining 5%, and in which we are not discharged, Since in the more search engines we are registered more possibilities of receiving a greater number of visits.

Well how to go one by one can be an arduous task, I found a tool that gives you high in more than 1000 search engines automatically, saving us all that work, for this you only have to address the link that I will leave you then, Enter in the section "To register a Web of automatic form" and to follow the steps indicated in them, the web from which you can carry out these actions is the following one:

Register a web in more than 1000 search engines automatically.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, tell you that comments are welcome commenting on your opinion, and if you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask, that as soon as I read it I will respond, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back very soon .

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