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How to do this our website in the first results of Google?, That is the question that we all owners or administrators of websites or blogs, well today I have decided to write this article to try to help how to get it, although There is no warning, that it is not easy work and that it will take you quite some time.

The way to get a good position in Google, is what is commonly known on the Internet as SEO, SEO is a set of techniques and advice to perform on our website, which allows us to climb positions in Google ranking, thus achieving More visits, which after all, is what we all like to see.

So, then, I will explain that whatever steps you have to take a cape, to improve your position in Google, and also explain what techniques you should not do, so that Google does not penalize you, getting the opposite effect to the Desire , In the end I leave you with advice, I hope you sea of ​​help.

SEO techniques that must be done, so that Google improves our positioning:

Getting quality web pages, link to our website, this is important, and you can get for example by writing comments on other blogs, they give you the opportunity to put a link to your web, a possible links to a web Ser dofollow, Although the nofollows will also suit them well.

The links you get to the web page will count much more, if the result of a web of the same subject that shows it, and even more, if the link contains the keywords, you will better position in the searches under the name of that Link.

It is very important to create a site from our site and send a Google through the webmaster tools of Google, if you use Joomla to advise to use the xmap plugin, you should also create a sitemap.html which should be the Home Page Of the web, not only in the search of a better positioning, but in the one of the web page of the visitors.

At present, it is of great importance to have an adaptable design, that is to say, that your fabric adapts to the screen through which it is being displayed, be it a Smartphone, a tablet or a normal computer, since currently most of Visits from mobile devices, and if you’re not Google adapted for detectors and penalties, as well as important visitors visitors who need to care.

You should try to have both the domain name and the website contain the keywords of the website, for example and come the website of the kitchen, should be called Recipes and kitchen domain www.recetasdecocina.com

Titles of articles must be less than 65 characters counting spaces, and be descriptive about the content of the article, they can not put a title that speaks of Bing, if the content deals with Google.

Fill in the meta description of the article, which must contain exactly 150 characters counting the spaces.

Make search engines do PING to your webpage, which I explain in this article: How to do Ping to Google, Yahoo or Bing manually and automatically

Meta-keys, or meta-words, are very important for Google and any search engine, so they must be descriptive of the content of the article, one thing that I do, is placed among other things the title of the article, and synonyms of words They better describe it.

Write articles without spelling mistakes, since Google detects them, and penalizes them, and with quality content that you know people are going to look for.

That articles have a minimum of 500 words, and if it is more than 700 better, Google likes pages with lots of information and quality.

Put social networking buttons like “like” Facebook, +1 Google and Twitter share, not only there are several more visits, if there is Google for accounts as something positive.

Hosting the web in a quality accommodation, if the accommodation is bad, and the web takes a long time to charge Google will penalize you.

Use search engine friendly URL’s to easily index your articles.

Enable gzip compression of the web, make it take less time to load the web, and upload positions in the Google range.

One of the things that is getting more and more important, is the loading speed of the web, so you must keep it in mind, a shorter load time greater positioning.

Using a free or paid CDN, CDNs allow our website to load much faster for any user, access from the country that accesses, that is why a CDN in distributing a copy of the static parts of our web by the servers of Around the world, so that when a user wants to connect.

But not only that, but also lighten the burden of our hosting or server since much of the work of downloading the web, is done from the CDN, and not from our hosting, in addition to improving our security, since the CDN Are protected against various types of attacks, of course the CDNs are usually paid, however Cloudflare, which is the most famous CDN, has several different plans, including a free one that greatly enhances the load and security of your website, and whose link I leave you below: Cloudflare CDN.
SEO techniques that should not be done, since Google penalizes them:
Do not fill the website advertising, a little is okay, but if you are the typical webs in which you have 14 ads and little quality content, Google will penalize you.
Use images that do not weigh much, as the website takes longer to load and Google penalizes.
Never copy articles from other websites, and hang several times the same article with different title, Google is not missing one, and for this you can even erase the results, that being Google a monopoly means to disappear from the internet.
Do not put reciprocal links of any web page of links.
Do not link to poor web sites, as if they are penalized, and you link them will penalize you as well.
Use the minimum flash and java script on your website, because Google does not like, especially that important content is not in those programming languages, as Google will not be able to read it and therefore penalize it.
Do not buy links to your website, Google detects links that are not natural and it penalizes a lot.
Do not put hidden links, or that are of the same color of the bottom of the web, that is penalized very much.
Do not abuse the meta-keys or meta-words, put only those that describe your article, I do not advise to put more than 15, Google now penalizes a lot this because there were websites that were dedicated to put so many meta words, that his article always came out in Any search, without satisfying the user that entered, since it was not the information that he was looking for.

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