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One of the biggest and most controversial questions we ask when buying a computer is that of which processor to buy, and this is where the doubts between the two most important brands in the market AMD or Intel? Great brands but with some remarkable differences.

Unfortunately, there are many prejudices against one brand and against the other, probably based on old bad experiences, experiences that some experienced when the computer world was in its infancy and companies, their products and technologies were not very polished, so To say it.

But that has changed, the time has passed and both companies have rectified their shortcomings and shortcomings, and in both companies they currently create products of great quality and power. But this does not solve the question that I make in the title of the article and it is the one that I want to clarify to you, more, it causes even more doubts, that is why, then I make a small analysis of both brands and I recommend you choose, Help you.

For them, we are going to take 1 processor from each of the brands we mentioned above, with the same performance, at least theoretically, to make a fair comparison (both have 6 cores), and these processors are:

Intel Core i7 980-X
Phenom II X6

What is the most powerful processor ?: Intel is a 10% average more powerful than AMD, which is certainly one of the factors that interest us most, this data I have taken after reading several studies on the internet where they compare Both brands, in which it is discovered that comparing processors of both brands with the same characteristics, Intel ends up getting a performance 10% higher than its opponent.

Which has the best quality?: They tie, both have the same quality, as long as they are well maintained, will work perfectly and should not give any problem.

What is the cheapest ?: Here is a very clear winner, and that is AMD, whose most powerful processor costs around 300 euros, while the Intel costs a whopping 1000 euros and I assure you that the difference in power Is not perceptible for common use, although of course what they are going to notice is the price difference.

What is the best power-to-power ratio ?: Without a doubt AMD, with those differences between power and price, for the price you would buy a good half Intel, you can buy a much more powerful AMD. Intel is 10% faster on average than AMD but costs 350% more too, while AMD being only 10% less powerful costs 350% less.

Conclusion and advice:

If you are a big company: In which works are performed in which a great power is needed, and in which I count to the last second and minute then I recommend Intel.

If you are a small company or a particular: Then I definitely recommend AMD, since for most of the actions we do with the computer, we do not need half the power of these processors, nor will we notice the difference either, That it is not necessary to pay all this surcharge.

* The prices indicated are the prices and actual differences of when the article was written, currently possibly the prices are different, and there are different models, but one thing I am sure, and is that the price difference will continue to be quite bulky between buy An Intel processor and an AMD, and that value for money will continue to be worth an AMD processor.

Anyway, I hope you have helped with this article, remember that your comments and opinions are always welcome, I would also appreciate you to share a link of this article by social networks, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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