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Emule was a great star among the public for its great simplicity when it comes to sharing files, but with the passage of time appeared alternatives that were subtracting protagonism, such as Torrent programs and direct download pages, as they are The Pirate bay or Megaupload.

But precisely these alternatives that made it fall, are those that close or be blocked are causing Emule reborn, and all this because of the fear that spread among other websites that were dedicated to provide the same service.

And it is not for less with laws like the Laws Sopa, Sinde or Acta chasing the pages of P2P, what is doing the old P2P programs are again a great tool to continue sharing files, to be exact the only program that still has a Great list of files or files to share and download, is the popularly known as the mule, that is Emule, but as you all know, emule bases its searches not only on clients that are connected, but on its list of servers that usually Carry as standard.

The problem is that today when installing emule, the list of servers that has been reduced to the serial number of 6 servers or less, so it is necessary to add more so that in our searches we can find what we want, is Important to say, that not all servers are safe, some are fake servers that all they do is try to infect us with viruses or spy on what we do.

Because of all the problems described above, I have written this article, so that you can add several secure servers, with which you can share files with complete security, without these are fake servers that only seek to delay your downloads, steal information or infect with A virus, for this you will have to add the servers of the following 3 links.

Link to add servers to Emule automatically: http://sites.google.com/site/ircemulespanish/descargas-2/server.met

To add secure servers we will use the previous links em emule, just go to the servers tab, and on the right side, you will see the following box:

Just paste the link in that box and press update.

If instead of doing it manually, you want to be always updated automatically, there is a very simple way to do it, just go to the preferences tab >> server and we would see the following window:

The first thing we should do is to check the option "Auto-update server list at startup" press the Edit option, after which we will open a blank page where we will have to paste 1 of the previous links, after which we will close The blank page.

Then in the box that says "remove servers dropped after 1 attempt", we change the 1 by a 10.

Once done the above, I advise you to go to the servers tab, select them all right click with the right mouse button and add it to the list of fixed servers, so they will not be erased unless we want.

To delete a server, if for example we see that there are several that always go gray and give error, you must carry out the same previous step but giving first to remove from list of fixed servers, and then delete it, yes, you will have to deactivate too The option to auto-update servers when starting, or whenever you close and reopen Emule this will re-download and add, from my experience currently there are 9 functional servers, so if you see that you only stay in those quiet , Which works very well.

We must also make sure that in the "various options" section, the following 2 options are marked:

Low ID smart control when connecting.
Secure connection.

Once we have done the previous steps, and it is only give to accept, close emule and reopen it, to update the list of servers, well I hope this mini tutorial has been helpful, and if my advice serves you something , I recommend that you do both steps, since the second although automatic only allows updating from a link, and from the first step you can use several, in short, thanks for your visit and remind you that a comment is appreciated, a click on the +1 from Google, or another social network, see you soon.

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