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Like most people who have bought a MAC, it is normal that you have first used Windows, and therefore you are accustomed to certain programs without which you are not able to work, and that unfortunately are not for the operating system. MAC, something that has happened to us when changing between different operating systems.

It is because of the above, that to facilitate the passage of the operating system from Microsoft to Apple, I am going to write about the different tools that you can use, to install those programs that you need Windows on MAC, and thus prevent the change of System is so traumatic, or that you have to continue using Windows for the need to continue using those programs that you did not have for MAC.

The programs that we will use to install Windows programs on MAC, work by virtualizing the Windows operating system and therefore loading the necessary libraries so that the Windows program that we want to run on MAC works.

I have to warn that these programs, mostly easy to use, may sometimes not be completely stable, or that are not able to install all programs, so I bring you a list of several applications that have this function , So if one fails you with the programs you need you can use another.

List of programs that allow you to install Windows programs on Mac, and how to use them:


Winonx of Mac App Store has to be downloaded and installed that has the price of ($ 4.99), to be able to use it, you will need to have a Mac with OS X 10.6 or later.

After downloading the Windows app that we want to install on MAC, once downloaded the Windows App, we search in the Finder, double click on “install with WinOnX”, and start the installation.


Download and install Wineskin on MAC.

We install wine automatically from wineskin, for this we must click on the + symbol in the Installed Engines field and choose the latest wine version.

We must create a wrapper, which will save all files and folders necessary for the program to work on Mac OS X as it does on Windows.

To do this we will click on Create New Blank Wrapper in the main window of Wineskin, we will assign a name and we will accept the instructions of Wine Gecko Installer that will appear next.

Now, we will have to open the wrapper, which is located in the Applications Wineskin folder inside our user folder. When opening the wrapper for the first time, we will have to click the option Install Windows Software to install the program for Windows, which will be easy, because from there the installation works just like in windows.

You should keep in mind that for each program you want to install, you have to create a wrapper.


The first thing to do is to download Wine and Winebottler, once we have downloaded them, we will install wine first, and then we will drag the WinBottler application to our applications folder.

Now we will run the EXE application, to do this, download and unzip it in the folder that we like.

Unzip the application, just click on the select file button, to locate the EXE that we have downloaded and unzipped, after which we will press the Install button to execute it.

When clicking on the button Install, a dialog box will appear where you have to press the Save button

Before running the application, we will be asked a question that will tell if we want to activate the RandR mode, which will allow us to run the application in full screen, if we accept will run the application in full screen, but will run equally but in a smaller window.


This is undoubtedly the easiest way of all, you just have to install CrossOver and then run the program by double clicking on it. As you would in a Windows system.

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