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One of the most controversial issues in computing, in certainly the security of operating systems, especially when we talk about Apple's almighty operating system, since it has known how to sell its system, in such a way that people think it is Invulnerable to viruses and other malware that swarm through the web.

But nothing further from reality, that fantasy that reminds me so much of the one that was formed around the most known ship of all time, "The Titanic", has been based on the fact that in the many years it takes With the existence of the operating system of Apple, have not been almost known the existence of viruses, that could affect him.
Does that mean that Mac, is an impregnable fort without virus?

Well the answer is very simple, and the answer is a resounding no, simply, being an operating system with almost no market share, had not attracted the attention of hackers or cybercriminals who are responsible for making those viruses, which both annoy us , Since these, of course, develop viruses for those operating systems that are market leaders, for simple and pure efficiency in their thefts, because if it costs them the same time to make a virus for Mac that for Windows, and on Mac alone Can damage or steal information from 3% of the world's computers, but if they do it for Windows can damage or steal 95% data, it is clear, they will be decided by the second option, bone in making viruses for Windows.

And why now if there are viruses for Mac? What has changed?

As you all know, the world of technology is a world that advances at the speed of light, and not many years ago Apple succeeded with its models of smatphone called Iphone, and with their Tablets called Ipad, not to mention that Every time it begins to be more extended, to buy some laptop or desktop of Apple.

Due to the growing demand, Apple's different devices, there has been the same fact, which happened to Windows in its day, that to start having a considerable market share, has attracted the attention of hackers or cybercriminals, That have started to see a good business opportunity, to create viruses this operating system, which not only already has millions of users, but, because of the false belief of these users that this system is impregnable, they are completely unprotected Against viruses, which greatly facilitates the work, when it comes to stealing information or damaging our system.
How to protect against viruses on Mac?

Well, in the same way, we would do it in Windows or Android, using a good antivirus to protect us against all types of malware, but as I know that most do not know antivirus for Mac, since people thought they were not necessary, I have written a list of the best antivirus that there is for this operating system, which as you will see, are also the best known for Windows, of which, I for Mac I recommend you use Avast, since it is the most complete, is free.
5 Antivirus for Mac:
Avast free antivirus:
Link to download: Avast for Mac
Link to download: Bitdefender for Mac
Link to download: Kaspersky for Mac
Link to download: Norton for Mac
ESET Cybersecurity (Nod 32):
Link to download: ESET Cybersecurity (Nod 32) for Mac
I want to point out that this article is not an attack on Apple's Mac operating system, which I think is a great system, and hopefully one day it will be released for normal PCs of a lifetime, I just want to deny that much- That for Mac there is no virus, since that hoax only harms the users, who because of this hoax, are unprotected against all types of malware. Therefore, the only intention with this article is to help protect against malware, Mac users.

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