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Not only Windows lives the man, and there is no man who can afford a Mac so in the face of this dilemma (or foolishness that has just occurred to me), I have decided to write an article to show you a good alternative, especially for those that you use The computer basically to surf, listen to music and little else.

And this alternative is the Linux Operating System, a free, fast and efficient system, which although it is not compatible with Windows programs, has its own programs that perfectly fulfill its function, except for browsers Firefox and Google Chrome that if Are available on that system.

One of the most important things about Linux, for ordinary users, is that it is very difficult for you to get infected with a virus, since there are practically no viruses for Linux, so you do not need to put any antivirus.

Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux is free, so anyone can get their own version based on an existing one, so naturally there is a huge variety of versions, many of them based on the famous Debian Linux distribution.

Which are the versions in which we will mostly base today, since being the most known and used, are also the most support, which means greater compatibility of computers with the system, better operation, more programs To install ...

The most famous Linux distribution is undoubtedly Ubuntu, a Linux distribution based on Debian as a base system, as I explained before, this distribution has 3 sister distributions, which together with Ubuntu are the best options to install, the The biggest difference between them, is the type of desktop they use, which directly affects their speed and resource consumption, so it is very important to understand their differences to make a good choice.

Versions of Ubuntu recommended according to your type of desktop:

Ubuntu: The best known of the 4 sisters, the first to be released from the 4, uses the desktop called Unity, which has the appearance of a MAC, with a toolbar on the left side of the screen, the menu Or start button in the upper left, also when we open a window, the options to maximize or close window appear unlike in Windows, in the upper left.

I do not usually recommend using this distribution from the beginning, because it is visually very different from the Windows interface to which we are all accustomed, so that input causes greater difficulty to adapt and a higher rejection rate.

Dowload Linux Ubuntu

Kubuntu: For me the best version of Linux for home, bone for use in a non-professional way, is made to look as visually as possible to Windows of a lifetime, which already make us much easier when it comes to learning to Use it.

This is because it uses the type of desktop called KDE, that inside Windows-like desktops, let's say it looks similar to Windows 7, with its button and start menu in the lower left, also has a careful interface And pretty, it is somewhat slower and consumes a little more than other versions, but you have a computer minimally current, you will rage.

Dowload Linux Kubuntu

Lubuntu: This is the distribution that next to Kubuntu more I recommend, only this I recommend it more for equipment little potent, since this version consumes very few resources and thanks to its LXDE desktop, we again have an appearance very similar to Windows, but In this case more looked like Windows XP, also having both the start button and the menu in the same part as Windows and Kubuntu.

Dowload Linux Lubuntu

Xubuntu: Like Lubuntu and its LXDE desktop, let's say a light version of Kubuntu, Xubuntu is with its XFCE desktop a light version of Unity, and whose difference in addition to a lower consumption than Ubuntu is that the toolbar appears in the Same site as MAC, at the bottom of the screen, but surely you can change position by touching a simple parameter.

Dowload Linux Xubuntu

So if you are looking for a simple Linux distribution that looks like Windows to not complicate much, your best choice is Kubuntu or Lubuntu, if on the contrary you prefer a more futuristic version of Linux or similar to MAC, the best choice is Ubuntu or Xubuntu, in any case the distributions are free, they are in Spanish, they are easy to install and they already have inside any program that you need in your installed computer.

I hope I have helped you to clarify with your choice, if you have any questions to ask through a comment, as any opinion or experience with these systems are always welcome, doubts will be answered when you read them, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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