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This is the first of several tips that I will give you over time for the optimization of your Windows operating system, it is very easy to do and will help you to make our computer or computer go much faster, this advice is ideal and necessary if you have An old PC that is not very powerful, and to which you want to increase its speed.

This little trick of Windows I discovered when I was studying computer science, because we had very weak computers, and had to get the most out of them, and with this and a couple more tricks, which I explain in other articles whose links I leave at the bottom of this page , We managed to work in a decent way, at least the difference was quite noticeable.

Also the good thing is that this option is found in all versions of Windows, this option is activated by default on all systems, and its function is that Windows is constantly performing a scan of all files on the disks Hard for our system, supposedly when a user performs a search, this afternoon less to show the results.

The truth is that when you uncheck it, the search speed is not altered, or if it is altered, it does so almost imperceptibly, but what if perceived, is the improvement of the speed of the PC to clear it. That is why I think it is a good option to improve your computer, since when it is disabled, it consumes fewer resources that are released for use in other more necessary tasks.

Then I have written a simple manual, where you can see step by step, how to disable hard disk indexing, to gain speed in our system, to see how to disable it, keep reading what comes next.

To disable hard disk indexing, in the different versions of Windows, we must perform the following steps:
Windows XP: To disable this option in Windows XP, we must go to Start, My Computer, right click on the hard drive and properties.

Windows Vista and 7: To disable this option in Windows Vista and 7, we must go to Start, Computer, right-click on the hard drive and properties.

Windows 8 and 10: To disable this option in Windows 8 and 10, we must go to Start, search at startup or Cortana the option This Computer, right click on the hard drive and properties.
Uncheck the “Allow the files on this unit to have indexed content in addition to the file properties” and accept:

Then we will see another message, which will give us 2 options to choose, we mark the second option and we accept:

Once the above steps have been taken, the hard disk deindexing will begin, during this process another message will come back, where it will be necessary to give the option “omit all”, and we will be able to leave it until it finishes eliminating the indexation of all our Files and folders, depending on the power of the computer and how full the hard disk, it will take more or less.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, I hope you tell me your experience and if you noticed the change, also then I leave the link of another advice that could come very well to improve even more speed, a Greetings, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.        

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