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All those who have not created a web or blog, we want to get a good number of visits, and the sooner the better, well, to achieve such an end, it is necessary to do a little SEO, which for those who do not know, it is about Perform certain steps, so that the search engines like Google or Bing, position our page, and that way our articles receive more visits.

Well, for those who have already done SEO in Google, you will see that there are no big differences between the necessary requirements to go up in the ranking of Google, and the necessary requirements to climb the ranking in Bing, since they only differ In a couple of things, even so I think it important to do SEO in a specific way in Bing, since it is an expanding search engine, that little by little, it is snatching market share from Google, in fact in the US its market share Has reached 30.01% after its merger with the Yahoo! search engine

Although in the Spanish-speaking countries it is not the same as in the United States, since in the Spanish-speaking countries Google controls 96% of the searches, it never hurts to do SEO for which it has become the second search engine of the World, albeit with a ridiculous figure, so I leave you with some tips to help you improve your positioning in Bing.

How to do SEO to better position in Bing:

Bing gives a lot of importance to the titles of websites and articles, so make sure they are descriptive and do not exceed 65 characters including spaces.

Get links to your website, other quality websites, this is the same for all search engines, as it is identified as a recommendation.

As for the incoming links, it is taken into account that the site that links you deal with the same as yours, which is a quality site.

Every time we publish an article, we must create and send a new sitemap to Bing, so that it takes less time to index it. In Bing, we can also send it from the webmaster tools:

Bing Webmasters Tool

Use keywords that explain the content of the article, including the title of the article.

Never use flash, and try to avoid the Java Script, since the search engines can not read it correctly and penalize you.

Make sure you always fill in the Meta description, this must be unique for each article, and measure exactly 150 characters with spaces included.

Create quality content, which means that you do not copy articles, write correctly and without spelling mistakes, because the browsers detect and penalize.

When you get links, try to make your anchor text contain relevant keywords to the content of your page.

Make your site social with the use of social buttons, which allow the user to share your article or web page, on Facebook, Twitter ….

Do not use text, hidden links or colors that are confused with the background, this is greatly penalized.

Do not buy links, and do not use link directories or exchange links with them, except it is www.dmoz.org, or some other high quality.

Beware of the outgoing links of our website, if these links to sites of poor quality and penalized, this can affect us negatively.

One of the things with a lot of importance is the age of the domain, but for that, only has to have patience.

Bing especially likes long articles, that is, with more than 350 words.

Unlike Google, it seems that Bing does not like blogs very much, so in Bing it will cost more to receive visitors if it is a blog, so buy your own domain, which are not so expensive.

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